Ten Reasons to Hire Us

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1. SERVICE GUARANTEE. End the frustration of having an attorney who doesn’t communicate. If your call isn’t returned within 24 hours, we will hand you two, crisp $100 bills.

2. CUSTOMIZED RESOLUTION. Be in control of your outcome. A personalized case plan is developed based on your goals.

3. COST-EFFECTIVE. Save money. Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting the most “bang for the buck” when we recommended what course of action to take in their family law matter. The doctor who mediated his entire divorce for $7,000 and the attorney who was able to negotiate his settlement for less than $5,000 are just a few examples of the clients we have helped save money with our expertise. Getting the best outcome with the least expense is always a consideration.

4. EXPERTS IN FAMILY LAW. Avoid family law “dabblers;” feel secure in having an attorney with legal specialization. Our practice is exclusively limited to family law.

5. RESOLUTION OPTIONS. Reduce anxiety with choices. Our lawyers have extensive training in litigation, mediation, and collaborative law; you can choose the method that best suits your particular case.

6. WE HELP SHAPE THE RULES. Relax, you’re in capable hands. We volunteer our time to make sure the laws being passed by our legislature have been analyzed and we make recommendations to our representatives in Sacramento so they have a clear picture of how it will affect you. Being involved in the law making process keeps us on the cutting edge of our field.

7. WE HELP YOU MAINTAIN YOUR INTEGRITY. Don’t loose yourself because you’re getting a divorce. The pain of divorce often tempts people to stoop to bad behavior, which ultimately hurts them and their children. We care about you and your children enough to be honest and keep you from making mistakes you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

8. WE START WITH THE END IN MIND. Imagine your life when your family law matter is over. We begin the process with the ultimate goal of getting you out of the situation with your self esteem and assets in tact. Knowing you have a competent team of legal professionals dedicated to the end result from the start ensures you will begin your new life sooner rather than later. We get it done as quickly as possible without compromising the outcome.

9. SENIOR LITIGATOR BARBARA HAMMERS IS A CERTIFIED FAMILY LAW SPECIALIST, devoting her law practice exclusively to Family Law since 1997.

10.BARBARA HAMMERS HAS CREATED NEW FAMILY LAW with precedent setting appellate actions regarding child custody evaluation.