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Determining paternity is the first step

Is your ex-girlfriend claiming you are the father of her child? Is your ex-boyfriend trying to avoid paying child support because he believes the child is not his? Is your former girlfriend trying to stop you from getting involved in the life of your child, claiming that you are not the father?

Issues like these are resolved through a paternity action. Whatever the issue, it is important to address it as soon as possible. The rights of your child and your rights are at stake.

A law firm with a record of helping parents through paternity actions

In addition to rights, parents also have responsibilities — to support the child financially. Whether you are a mother seeking child support or a father seeking to exercise parental rights, the attorneys at Hammers & Baltazar Family Law can help. We are experts in the process of paternity and can accomplish your goals quickly and effectively.

DNA paternity testing resolves the question quickly

Paternity can be easily resolved with a simple and painless DNA test. When this test confirms that the man is the father, he is liable for child support. In addition, he may be entitled to visitation with the child. Our lawyers have helped countless mothers obtain financial support for their child from their child’s father. We have also helped many fathers win fathers’ rights in relation to their children.

Situations where paternity testing helps

A DNA test can resolve problems that arise when a father signs a birth certificate but later refuses support. At other times, the father completely denies fatherhood for his child. When a mother denies a man access to his child, a test can prove his paternity. The courts operate with the assumption that a child’s needs are best served by having both parents in a child’s life. Proof of paternity is the first step to obtaining visitation and child support, the two biggest issues in paternity actions.

What you can expect

When you work with Hammers & Baltazar Family Law on your paternity matter you can expect that your rights will be established quickly and undeniably, providing custody and visitation access as well as financial support.

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