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Mediation – an alternative to litigation

Divorce is usually expensive. It is almost always stressful. Even if they get what they want, people seldom feel as if they “won.” When decisions about custody and support are made by the court, you may feel as if you have lost control of the process and to a certain extent, you have. The adversarial nature of litigation can leave you and your spouse fighting over details that may not mean that much to you. It can lead to the destruction of relationships and the loss of dignity.

Armine_Portrait-216xAt Hammers & Baltazar Family Law, we advocate mediation as a way to reduce the stress of divorce. Mediation allows you to have more control over the outcome. It almost always costs less than litigation and preserves relationships that are often destroyed in the litigation process.

We guide you as you create your own resolution

Our role as the mediator is that of an impartial facilitator of an agreement between you and your spouse. After considering the unique circumstances of your particular family law matter, our experience and expertise allows us to offer fair and impartial proposals for you and your spouse, allowing you to be the creators of your resolution.

We can usually offer suggestions for solutions to many specific problems you may not have previously considered. Our experience in assisting people like you through divorce is vast. Mediation is very different from courtroom litigation.

How mediation works

Mediation allows the parties to agree to try to resolve their issues through a mutually selected neutral facilitator. The parties can decide exactly which issues they will tackle during mediation. They can agree to obtain assistance from specialists and professionals. They can even decide to use the same experts, lowering expenses. Each side is committed to trying to reach agreement on the pre-determined issues.
However, there is no risk if agreement is not reached. No one will be blamed if the mediation process fails, and all aspects of mediation remain confidential.

What you can expect

When you hire Hammers & Baltazar Family Law for your mediated resolution you can expect a fair, impartial, and experienced expert to guide you and your spouse to an agreement you can both live with.

Experienced lawyers and family law mediators

We provide mediation services to couples in divorce and family law disputes such as those involving child custody, spousal and child support and property and asset division. Our primary goal is to empower our clients, helping them control the divorce process while finding solutions that will work for them.

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If you have questions regarding the mediation of your family law dispute or questions regarding other forms of alternative dispute resolution, call us for knowledgeable and experienced answers and services. Mediation services include child custody, spousal and child support, post-judgment modifications, property division and paternity services.

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