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Child Custody -Visitation – Evaluations -Hearings.

Child custody is perhaps the single most important issue for divorcing parents. Divorce can threaten your relationship with your children. You may find that your spouse is trying to shut you out of your kids’ lives altogether. You don’t want the stress and pain of a child custody battle, but you need to be sure that your children’s best interests and your rights as a parent are protected.

Guiding you through the Los Angeles and Orange County Courts custody process.

We understand what you are going through. Our experience and relationships will help you navigate the complicated legal process that determines child custody arrangements. We understand how critical the outcome of custody is to you and your children’s future. We help prepare you for your child custody hearing, coaching and educating you about your custody evaluation and strategizing the most effective way to present your case.

Preparing you for your custody evaluation and hearings in the Los Angeles and Orange County Courts.

Hearings in these Courts are often very quick. You may have little time to speak with the judge. It is essential for you to be as persuasive as possible in the few minutes you may have. Sometimes, small factors like knowing your child’s favorite color or food or referring to your child as “our child” instead of “my child” can make a significant difference in a judge’s opinion of your claim. We understand how much is at stake. Our lawyers ensure that you are well prepared and positioned to get the time with your children that you and they both deserve.

You benefit from our experience with all child custody matters.

  • Custody evaluation process. This is often required by the courts and involves the assessment of both parents’ parenting skills by a psychologist.
  • We are recognized as experts in matters concerning custody evaluators and special masters. California Family Code Section 3111 authorizes the use of a child custody evaluator where it is in the child’s best interests to have one. It is important that the legal requirements of Family Code Section 3111 and other code sections be followed with care.
  • Child custody modification. When your situation or the needs of your child have changed, or if you were not adequately represented at the initial custody hearing, we will request a hearing.
  • Enforce visitation schedules. If the other parent is not complying with the court’s order for visitation, we  can bring a contempt proceeding or seek a change in custody or visitation.

Why our firm is the right choice for custody matters. Case Law.

Case overturned on appeal: Marriage of Adams and Jack A. (2012) 209 CA4th 1543. The California Court of Appeal for the Fourth District specifically agreed with our firm’s position in a case where we fought to disqualify a child custody evaluator who exceeded the scope of his authority. The Court overturned the ruling of the presiding judge citing that in their opinion that he abused his discretion by failing to disqualify the evaluator for obvious bias and failed to consider the payment of the evaluators ridiculously over priced fees. Read more…

Barbara-Hammers-Business-Portrait-sq-200x“At Hammers & Baltazar Family Law, we have ways to help you identify your custody goals. We explain often unknown custody options and help you be best prepared and confident for child custody hearings.”

-Barbara Hammers, Senior Litigation Partner

We know how sensitive custody matters are.

We find our work often leaves relationships intact between children and both parents. Our objective is to achieve your goals while minimizing stress and anxiety.

What you can expect from us at your child custody evaluation and hearing.

When you work with Hammers & Baltazar Family Law on your child custody matter you can expect that your child’s well being will always be foremost in our strategy and the time you spend with your child will be maximized.

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