Our Los Angeles and Orange County Family Law Clients are talking…


“Proficient, effective & fast.”

“I was referred to Hammers & Baltazar Family Law when my highly conflicted and costly divorce escalated and seemed out-of-control. The team of attorneys at Hammers & Baltazar quickly and thoroughly assimilated 4 years and 2 boxes of legal documents, researched and documented the contentious areas of appellate law that were at the heart of the conflict, and ultimately secured a reasonable ruling. Hammers & Baltazar’s responsiveness, reasonableness and the clarity and the depth of their written and oral arguments were thankfully on my side.”

Scott L.
Global Investment Advisor

“Confidence, intelligence & know-how.”

“I was at the end of my rope. I had interviewed five other law firms and didn’t find one that I could trust with the crisis of a very needed divorce that involved money and children. At my interview with Hammers & Baltazar, the attorney listened to me, looked me straight in the eye and said “I’ll take care of you.” Those are some pretty strong words. The firm’s lawyers pitched in and together we were able to stand in front of a judge and get him to see the truth. These attorneys know their stuff and when they need answers to important questions they know how to get them. They are not just out to make a buck, they care. The entire staff is kind and courteous. They are hard-working, intelligent, honest human-beings. The atmosphere in the office is professional and healthy. They helped me beyond what words say and I feel very grateful to all of the staff for helping me get on with my life.”

Debra H.
Registered Nurse

“Clear strategic thinking.” “Tenacious litigators.”

“Hammers & Baltazar Family Law was the second attorney who represented me in my dissolution proceedings. My first attorney was a partner in a firm that was represented to be a “preeminent” family law firm in Orange County. Although I was not impressed from the beginning by the quality of my representation by the first attorney, it took a very mediocre showing at my ex wife’s deposition and the assignment of an inexperienced associate attorney to my case to prompt me to change attorneys after eighteen months.”

“To their credit, Hammers & Baltazar was able to assume my representation and expedite a generally favorable completion of the dissolution. They were knowledgeable about the law regarding the custody and property issues involved and made themselves familiar with the facts in a way that demonstrated their determination to provide me with very competent legal representation. Their comfort in the courtroom and willingness to take it all the way was a substantial factor in persuading the opposing attorney and my ex wife to settle on all issues rather than to proceed to trial. Based on the quality of my representation by Hammers & Baltazar, I would not hesitate to recommend them, and I frequently have recommended them, to persons seeking representation in family law proceedings.”

Jack A.
Attorney at Law

“Solid, caring advice.” “Best possible outcome.”

I had the pleasure of working with Hammers & Baltazar Family Law for approximately one year as they represented me during my divorce. When I first met with the attorneys I felt an immediate connection. I resonated with their personal approach and serious professionalism. I had the utmost confidence in their abilities as they guided me through unfamiliar legal territory. I always felt that they had a deep care and understanding of my situation and a genuine concern for my financial and personal well being. Their advice was always solid. I felt that I was in extremely capable hands while they worked towards the best possible resolution for me. Simply put, I had faith in them as they had faith in me. They kept me centered even during the most challenging times. I am extremely pleased with the results they achieved for me. Thank you.

Edmund G.
Furniture designer/business owner


“A creative, effective alternative to court.”

“After starting our divorce with a bitter court battle which resulted in both of us spending outrageous sums of money for our attorneys and only making both of us angrier at each other, we decided it was best to try something else. We fired our attorneys and hired Hammers & Baltazar to mediate our divorce and child custody issues. During the process, we were both able to speak our minds in a safe atmosphere and realized that, no matter what our differences were, the one thing we had in common was the unconditional love for our children.

The attorney we worked with helped us come to an agreement by suggesting solutions we would have never thought of on our own. We had our entire case settled in a short period of time and had a child custody arrangement that worked for both of us and our kids.

Over the years, as issues have come up regarding our children, we have gone back to Hammers & Baltazar on several occasions to work things out. We have always come away with an acceptable agreement. With the help of the knowledgeable family law attorneys we have dealt with, we have actually seen our relationship improve as we have worked together to co-parent our kids. We also saved all of the money we would have spent fighting in court, and achieved a better result. Thank you Hammers & Baltazar Family Law.”

Annie P. – Nursing Student
Amir A. – Sales Manager

“Practical, cost-effective.”

Going through a divorce was a scary thing. I didn’t know what to expect or how much it would cost. I wanted a solution that was practical and made financial sense. Hammers & Baltazar Family Law helped me reach my goal. They didn’t just tell me what the law was, they helped me see my choices. They identified my legal alternatives, but also made me aware of the financial and “human” costs of those alternatives. We discussed the pros and cons of litigation versus various settlement options. The entire time, I knew that they had my best interests and my goals in mind. Their solution oriented approach ultimately helped me reach a settlement that was practical and cost-effective.

Robert P., CPA


“Focused, determined and respected.”

Gave me results where others failed with hard work and a remarkable knowledge of family law.

I hired Barbara Hammers after wasting months of time and money with a senior attorney of a large law firm. She was referred to me by a good friend who had Barbara as a family lawyer the year before. I met and interviewed her and learned that she is a State Certified Family Law Specialist. I researched and found that less than 20% of family law attorneys are certified. That’s because it’s hard to qualify, only the best of the best are certified.

After a good interview I put Barbara in charge of my divorce. Two days later we met and she explained my situation in detail with several clear options. With her guidance I decided what I what I wanted to do. Within two weeks Barbara and her staff had accomplished more than my previous “high profile” lawyer had in four months. I was an important client to Hammers Baltazar and they let me know it by communicating, performing and getting results.

The previous attorney regarded me as an inconvenience, he was also vague about the overall cost. Barbara was upfront about the probability of accomplishing what I wanted to do, how long it would take and about how much it would cost. A month after hiring her I saw the difference hard work from a determined, committed professional can make. Phone calls always returned, email promptly replied to. My questions anticipated.

A wonderful communicator Barbara spoke clearly and concisely, skipped the legal jargon and made sure I was well informed. She knows how to deal with difficult people and with a warm smile can make her point in very few words. I had a challenging high net worth divorce with very complicated property and custody issues. Barbara and her staff organized box after box of data, sorted it, indexed it and made perfect sense of it all. Her ability to recall facts, figures and points of law is just remarkable.

As our trial date approached Barbara, Armine and their staff prepared intensively, day and night for several days, to master every element of our case. Their level of commitment and hard work allowed me to be relaxed and confident when the trial began. All that work paid off with a flawless presentation in court. That’s not to say there weren’t a few surprises, but when they came she was ready.

The trial took almost two weeks and after a few days it became obvious our opposing counsel was unprepared and frustrated. Outclassed they reverted to unprofessional and deceptive legal maneuvers that Barbara wouldn’t tolerate. She put them in their place and then argued for, and received, substantial financial sanctions against them from the court. Under her well prepared, professional velvet glove presentation she has an iron fist available when necessary.

Barbara explained to me early on that in family law actions there are no “winners”. I understand now what she meant, it’s is a very stressful life changing experience. My children and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the trial. We are now safe and secure and have adjusted well to our “new normal” life. I have resumed my professional career and have a fresh perspective on my future.

I will be forever grateful I found this wonderful, incredibly competent woman and her staff to represent my children and me during the most challenging and emotional event of our lives. I wholeheartedly recommend Barbara Hammers and her firm Hammers Baltazar for any family law matter.

Marsha M.
Mother, Medical professional.