Selecting a family lawyer that will solve your problems, not add to them, can improve the quality of your life for many years to come.

You can expect our Attorneys to outperform on all family law matters; divorce, property, child custody and support.

Challenges like these are stressful. 

  • You may have been served with divorce papers.
  • You know it’s time to begin making decisions about change.
  • Your former spouse may not be complying with a visitation order.
  • You may have lost your job, making support payments impossible to meet.
  • You and your children may have needs requiring an increase in support payments.

Call us to get a clear picture of your situation and start moving towards your goals. We will empower you to make the best possible decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Our family lawyers are uniquely prepared to assist families undergoing change.

From a simple mediation to a complex, high net worth trial– we work effectively to achieve your goals.

Because we practice family law exclusively… we know that divorce is often too expensive, too lengthy and too limited by most family law practices. Our Lawyers will provide you with a strategy based on your unique situation and work diligently to move you closer to your goals.

We help you select the most effective solution;

  • a negotiated mediation,
  • a collaborative settlement,
  • or an assertive trial strategy that will protect you and your children.

Barbara-Hammers-Business-Portrait-sq-200x“We mark our success in many ways, one of the most gratifying is that we settle 85% of our cases without  going to trial. Another is that over 75% of our new business is referred to us by satisfied clients and former opposing counsel.”

-Barbara Hammers, Senior Litigation Partner

Feeling under represented? Get the attention you deserve.

We have shaped our practice to serve you with these exclusive benefits.

  1. A unique service guarantee, we return your phone call within 24 hours or we pay you.
  2. Ongoing case analysis, seeks efficient, cost-effective ways to resolve your problems.
  3. Personalized service, will shape the legal process around your goals, not ours.
  4. Limiting our caseload, so that we can give your matter the full attention it deserves.


Video Series: Learn little known facts about the most important family law issues from Barbara Hammers.

CA Child Support facts you must know.

CA Community Property rights explained.

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