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Divorce is one of the most stressful events that an individual can experience. Your anxiety about the future can be unbearable. You wonder about your kids and the effect of the end of your marriage on your relationship with them. Your worries about money can be crippling. You question whether things will ever seem normal again.

Knowing you have the support of a conscientious and experienced family law firm will help. At the Santa Monica and Newport Beach law firm of Hammers & Baltazar Family Law, we work with men and women who need guidance about the legal and financial issues raised by the divorce process. We know that your life is in turmoil. We also know that every case is different. We will help you understand your specific situation, allowing us to devise solutions that are tailored to your unique circumstances.

What you can expect

Bhammers-portrait-rev-plain-bg_200x295When you work with Hammers & Baltazar Family Law for your divorce you can expect that you will be guided through every step of the process.  We work diligently in the pursuit of your best interests and that you will receive outstanding service, guaranteed.

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Our family law attorneys are experts in California family law and the divorce process. We will empower you with an understanding of the legal and emotional journey you are about to begin. We answer your questions and protect your interests in these critical areas:

Hammers & Baltazar – Divorce assistance that really helps

We are not your usual family law firm. We have developed methods that work to help you get through a difficult time with the least amount of pain. When you hire us, you can expect that you will get:

We use the method that best suits your circumstances and is most likely to protect existing relationships, safeguard your family’s assets and make you feel better. Hammers & Baltazar will answer your questions and provide you with skilled representation that meets your specific needs.

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If you are considering, beginning or currently facing divorce proceedings, call us for a more complete description of our divorce and other family law legal services. These include child custody, spousal and child support, post-judgment modifications, property division and paternity services. We accept most major credit cards.