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    The dangers of verbal modifications of child or spousal support

The dangers of verbal modifications of child or spousal support

The dangers of verbal modifications of child or spousal support.
Many people have asked for assistance with the enforcement of a verbal modification of child or spousal support. The story goes something like this…
 “My ex spouse and I agreed to reduce the amount of support for our kids (or spousal support) from $1,000 per month (or fill in the blank) to $500 because my income went down and we didn’t want to go back to court.  I have been paying the reduced amount for the last two years and now my spouse is saying I owe him/her $12,000 plus interest in […]

What are the advantages of collaborative law?

Divorce privately with each party represented by a specially trained attorney.
No court or judge, so you stay in control. Less stress on your family, a far more predictable outcome and less cost.
In a traditional divorce proceeding, each side hires an attorney and both submit their dispute to a judge, who makes rulings on each issue submitted. While this method may be the only answer in some cases, there are alternate methods that most divorcing couples can utilize which may be more effective and less costly.
A creative alternative dispute resolution method.
Both parties to a divorce retain separate, specially-trained attorneys whose only job is to help them settle issues regarding the divorce […]

Understanding California Community Property laws.

The laws in the State of California express that any real or personal property acquired during a valid marriage, except for an inheritance or gift, should be considered community property.
This is according to California Family Code §760 which explains the laws referring to community property and §771, which refers to separate property. In the case of a divorce, judges in California must divide community property equally between spouses. However, California community property law only applies if the couple divorces in the state, unless a couple signs a prenuptial agreement to the contrary.
In California, both parties to the marriage have […]