7 02, 2013

What are the advantages of collaborative law?

Divorce privately with each party represented by a specially trained attorney.
No court or judge, so you stay in control. Less stress on your family, a far more predictable outcome and less cost.
In a traditional divorce proceeding, each side hires an attorney and both submit their dispute to a judge, who makes rulings on each issue submitted. While this method may be the only answer in some cases, there are alternate methods that most divorcing couples can utilize which may be more effective and less costly.
A creative alternative dispute resolution method.
Both parties to a divorce retain separate, specially-trained attorneys whose only job is to help them settle issues regarding the divorce […]

28 01, 2013

Serving Divorce Papers

You’ve Been Served! Really?
We’ve all seen movies where a clever process server tries to serve divorce papers to an unwilling recipient.“Fed Ex!” “Flower delivery!” Whatever costume it takes to hand papers to someone or drop them at their feet, right?

Well, how about this one? A process server is 12 feet away from you at a bar. From a distance, she tells you she has papers for you. You say, “No you don’t,” and you walk away until you’re out the door and driving home.

Incidentally, after you said, “No you don’t” and started walking away, even though you weren’t even […]

25 01, 2013

Divorce like a Celebrity: Quickly and discretely.

Some celebrities manage to keep their divorces outside the courts. Sure, they have to file paperwork to legalize their divorce, but we don’t hear about any courtroom drama.
Two celebrities who did that are 28 year old pop singer Katy Perry and her husband of 18 months, 36 year old British comedian and actor, Russell Brand. They reached a divorce agreement and submitted it to the court. Sorry celeb afficionados, there’ll be no photos of Katy and Russell walking in and out of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in LA with their lawyers.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s divorce had the potential […]