High Net Worth Divorce

high net worth divorce

Divorces in which spouses have a high net worth are often highly contentious. We have solutions.

We have represented many families with large estates and complex, high value assets to be divided. We work hard to protect our clients income and assets and to work towards a settlement that keeps their personal and financial well-being in mind.

Property division in a high net worth divorce.

It is necessary to determine what property is owned jointly and what property is owned individually by each spouse. This can be a difficult task, especially if separate property has commingled with community property.

If a business is owned individually or by both spouses, it is necessary to determine the value of the business and each spouse’s share of it. If you are the owner of a business or a professional practice, we will work to limit your financial exposure and protect your business assets. We exercise discretion in high net worth divorce and can prevent access to your families personal information by the media.

  • Self employed
  • Professionals
  • C-level executives
  • Top tier athletes
  • Custody/relocation

We understand the special needs of spouses involved in a high net worth divorce.

Our attorneys are experts in California family law and high net worth divorce. We can explain your legal options regarding property and asset division, and help you protect and ensure your asset rights in all areas of divorce including:

  • Investments
  • Stock options
  • Life insurance
  • 401(k), IRA plans
  • Profit Sharing plans
  • Pensions
  • Business valuation
  • Family business
  • Inheritance
  • Partnerships
  • Closely held businesses
  • Real estate valuation
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Qualified domestic relations orders
  • Property acquired before your marriage
  • Debts

Barbara-Hammers-Business-Portrait-sq-200x“Our sophistication and technical resources allow us to discover and account for marriage assets in the most complicated divorce cases. When complex asset division comes into play, we achieve the best possible results with expert analysis and hard work. If necessary we can prevent access to your families personal information by the media.”

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If you are considering, beginning or currently facing a high net worth divorce proceeding, call us for a more complete description of our skills and experience in this area. These include child custody, spousal and child support, post-judgment modifications, complex asset division and paternity services.